Veena Moloye

After a rich career in the financial services sector, Veena decided to become an entrepreneur in 2015.  She is today the Director of Boardroom Corporate Services (a corporate service provider) and Expertability (an HR Consulting firm and an MQA registered training institution).

She is a corporate trainer and a people enabler and is also passionate about women empowerment – she firmly believes that economic and financial inclusion are key enablers of women empowerment and is involved in a number of training and mentoring initiatives promoting these causes.

Veena holds an MBA (International Business) and is a registered mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation.

Veena embraces a heart-centered approach to life – whilst the metaphor of the heart is often associated with yielding, kindness – or perhaps weakness – yet, the heart is the driving force of life. She serves the Rotary Club of Bagatelle with all her heart!

– Mary-Queenie Adam

– ex Banker and now Tech startupist

– working with clinical psychology project with special educational needs students

–  excited at building something people want. Move fast and innovate.

– passionate the strength of obsessiveness and the will to never give up.  This is key to take a company off the ground!


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Veena Moloye